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Sky News

How RAF Jets Would Shoot Down Hostile Aircraft

30 мес. назад

Sky News gains unprecedented access to the RAF pilots responsible for protecting Britain's skies from terrorist threats. Ready to respond at a moment's notice, ...

Top Gear Presenter James May's Entertaining Doorstep Interview

36 мес. назад

Top Gear presenter James May shows off his nice hat, details plans for a shepherd's pie and tries to sell a motorbike to a journalist before heading off for a bowl ...

Top Gear Presenter James May Reacts To Jeremy Clarkson Being Sacked By BBC

36 мес. назад

Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear co-presenter James May says he, Clarkson and Hammond come "as a package" so the future of the show and a replacement "will ...

Game Of Thrones Writer Says Fans Correctly Guess Storylines

43 мес. назад

Game Of Thrones writer George RR Martin says talks about the books and how fans are used to guessing storylines as they wait for the next book. SUBSCRIBE ...

Debate: Sexism In Science

33 мес. назад

Nobel scientist Tim Hunt has been criticised for saying male and female scientists should be kept apart at work "because girls cry when they are criticised".

Exclusive: Anthony Joshua talks fights, fame and fatherhood

5 мес. назад

British boxing champion Anthony Joshua is busy preparing for the next defence of his world Heavyweight Titles against Kubrat Pulev on October 28th. But, he ...

Battle For Mosul: The end could be near for IS

9 мес. назад

Iraqi forces say they are just 'days away' from defeating Islamic State in Mosul and now control more than two-thirds of the Old City. Sky's Chief Correspondent ...

Sepp Blatter Has Money Thrown At Him By Lee Nelson

32 мес. назад

FIFA President Sepp Blatter was preparing to give a press conference when comedian Simon Brodkin, who plays the character Lee Nelson, entered the room ...

Andrea Bocelli Serenades Leicester

22 мес. назад

Italian classical singer Andrea Bocelli serenades Leicester City Football Club with a powerful rendition of Nessun Dorma before they lift the Premier League ...

Shah Rukh Khan Says He Owes His Success To Britain's Indian Diaspora

27 мес. назад

Shah Rukh Khan - one of the biggest movie stars in the world - describes his new film Dilwale as a "cabaret variety show" SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel ...

US Navy Harrier Jet Lands On Stool

45 мес. назад

US Marine Corps pilot Captain William Mahoney had no room for error when his front landing gear failed shortly after take-off.

Puerto Rico town "in hell" after Hurricane Maria causes devastation

6 мес. назад

At least 15 people are known to have died - and 20 more are missing - after Hurricane Maria tore through the Caribbean island of Dominica. The storm also ...

The Defectors - Escapees From North Korea's Prison Camps

46 мес. назад

Sky's Asia Correspondent Mark Stone meets people who suffered years of brutality in North Korean prison camps. He hears astonishing stories of those who ...

Veteran TV host Sir Bruce Forsyth dies at 89

7 мес. назад

Veteran TV presenter Sir Bruce Forsyth has died at the age of 89 SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/skynews Follow ...

The Walking Dead: Talking Daryl, gore and zombies with Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero

12 мес. назад

Two big names from The Walking Dead - actor Norman Reedus and executive producer and special effects guru Greg Nicotero - joined us on Sky News Sunrise ...

Life On A Trident Submarine

26 мес. назад

Britain's nuclear submarines are so secret they surface only to take on food, and non-operational contact is limited to 120 words. Our Defence Correspondent ...

Nigel Farage discusses Enoch Powell on Murnaghan

50 мес. назад

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage says the "basic principle" of Enoch Powell's so called 'Rivers of Blood' speech is right.

The Man Of Many Languages

26 мес. назад

Alex Rawlings is a polyglot: he speaks many languages. He wants to learn them all. Here he explains why, and how speaking another language can give you a ...

Men Suffer Domestic Violence Too

96 мес. назад

Victims speak to Sky News.

The Battle Of The Somme 100 Years On

21 мес. назад

Sky News Defence Correspondent, Alistair Bunkall guides us through some of the key sites in the Battle of the Somme and the memorials in place to ...

The Sky News General Affection Song

35 мес. назад

Who could get it on after #GE2015? Watch full election coverage on Sky News, May 7th from 9pm. #GeneralAffection Edited by Swede Mason. Directed by Zoe ...