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Sky News

Oklahoma Tornado: Dog Emerges From Debris

65 мес. назад

A woman whose home was flattened by a deadly tornado in Oklahoma City was reunited with her dog as a CBS crew recorded an interview with her. More on ...

How RAF Jets Would Shoot Down Hostile Aircraft

37 мес. назад

Sky News gains unprecedented access to the RAF pilots responsible for protecting Britain's skies from terrorist threats. Ready to respond at a moment's notice, ...

Hippo That Lives In A House

136 мес. назад

Sky News report on a South African family who have a hippo living in their house as a pet.

Jessie Ware performs Say You Love Me on Entertainment Week

48 мес. назад

Jessie Ware performs Say You Love Me on Sky News' Entertainment Week. The single is the British singer's collaboration with Ed Sheeran. SUBSCRIBE to our ...

South African 'Lion King' Is Like One Of The Pride

115 мес. назад

http://video.news.sky.com/skynews/video/ Animal behaviourist, Kevin Richardson, has struck up a remarkable friendship with an entire pride of lions in South ...

Ricky Gervais And Russell Brand At Live Earth

135 мес. назад

Sky's Derek Tedder caught up with the the two cheekiest chaps at Live Earth , Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand.

Debate: Sexism In Science

40 мес. назад

Nobel scientist Tim Hunt has been criticised for saying male and female scientists should be kept apart at work "because girls cry when they are criticised".

Sepp Blatter Has Money Thrown At Him By Lee Nelson

39 мес. назад

FIFA President Sepp Blatter was preparing to give a press conference when comedian Simon Brodkin, who plays the character Lee Nelson, entered the room ...

Shah Rukh Khan Says He Owes His Success To Britain's Indian Diaspora

35 мес. назад

Shah Rukh Khan - one of the biggest movie stars in the world - describes his new film Dilwale as a "cabaret variety show" SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel ...

Game Of Thrones Writer Says Fans Correctly Guess Storylines

50 мес. назад

Game Of Thrones writer George RR Martin says talks about the books and how fans are used to guessing storylines as they wait for the next book. SUBSCRIBE ...

Andrea Bocelli Serenades Leicester

29 мес. назад

Italian classical singer Andrea Bocelli serenades Leicester City Football Club with a powerful rendition of Nessun Dorma before they lift the Premier League ...

US election 2016: How voters reacted to the incredible result

23 мес. назад

This was undoubtedly the most bitter US election campaign in modern times. It was at times ugly... nasty.... and incredibly divisive. So how did the dis-United ...

The Battle Of The Somme 100 Years On

28 мес. назад

Sky News Defence Correspondent, Alistair Bunkall guides us through some of the key sites in the Battle of the Somme and the memorials in place to ...

John Oliver on Trump, Brexit and fake news

8 мес. назад

Comedian and presenter John Oliver has hit out at Donald Trump saying he's "taking an axe to the US government". But he didn't stop at the US President.

Unwanted Thoughts: The Dangers Of 'Pure O'

33 мес. назад

There are fears that some people with a little known form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – or OCD – are being wrongly diagnosed as a danger to children.

'Unrealistic' Topshop Mannequins Debate: Natasha Devon & Milo Yiannopoulos

39 мес. назад

Natasha Devon, founder of The Self Esteem Team, a campaign group that works with teenagers on mental health and body image, and writer and broadcaster ...

The Defectors - Escapees From North Korea's Prison Camps

53 мес. назад

Sky's Asia Correspondent Mark Stone meets people who suffered years of brutality in North Korean prison camps. He hears astonishing stories of those who ...

Debate of Britain's Colonial legacy and the impact on society today

19 мес. назад

Sky News speaks to Shashi Tharoor, author of Inglorious Empire: What The British Did To India, about Britain's Colonial Legacy and how it is interpreted.

Vietnam Veteran Soldier Reunited With Arm Bones

64 мес. назад

An American doctor has returned the bones of an arm he amputated in 1966 back to their owner - an enemy soldier he treated during the Vietnam War.

Rhiannon Mills Speaks To The Earl and Countess of Wessex

30 мес. назад

Edward and Sophie, Earl and Countess of Wessex, talk to Rhiannon Mills about Queen Elizabeth II before her 90th birthday SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube ...

MPTV on #Ridge: Jess Phillips and Jacob Rees-Mogg

20 мес. назад

In a brand new feature on Sophy Ridge on Sunday - Sky News' Sunday politics programme - Labour MP Jess Phillips and Jacob Rees-Mogg of the ...