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74 мес. назад

The origins of the Nobel Prize

18 мес. назад

Do you know what led Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, to set up the Nobel Prize? A mistakenly printed obituary.

China's Hindu temples: A forgotten history

56 мес. назад

The Chedian shrine is just one of what historians believe may have been a network of more than a dozen Hindu temples built in Quanzhou by a community of ...

India-Mauritius tax treaty, explained

22 мес. назад

With the amendments to tax treaty, has India and Mauritius plugged the loopholes? READ | Capital gains on FDI from Mauritius to be taxed: http://bit.ly/228oxln.

The Hindu - Classroom (OFFICIAL VERSION)

65 мес. назад

Continuing its dialogue with the youth, The Hindu urges them to take responsibility for the governance they get, by putting politicians on the spot for their ...

Indian Navy bids farewell to INS Viraat

17 мес. назад

INS Viraat, Sanskrit for giant, was commissioned by the Indian Navy in 1987. It has taken part in almost all major Indian military operations and now has been ...

In conversation with Mani Ratnam and Madhavan

11 мес. назад

On the eve of the release of Kaatru Veliyidai, Film Companion South editor Baradwaj Rangan chats with Director Mani Ratnam and actor Madhavan.

How Assam makes its Muga silk

18 мес. назад

The business of Muga silk is a very profitable venture provided one has enough capital. Here's how the 'golden silk of Assam' is made from scratch ... all of it ...

Ground Zero: Tibet's guerrilla fighters who helped the Dalai Lama escape

12 мес. назад

In March 1959, the only Tibetan guerrilla group helped the Dalai Lama escape to India. Assisted by the CIA and hunted by the Chinese, follow their story across ...

Catching the Golden Mahseer right

17 мес. назад

In the remote region of Karbi Anglong district in Assam, tribespeople use a unique and sustainable method to catch an endangered fish -- the Nutheng or the ...

In conversation with AR Murugadoss

6 мес. назад

AR Murugadoss talks about his upcoming film 'Spyder'. The project, which is shot as a bonafide bilingual, marks the first time collaboration of Mahesh and ...

Why ISRO's GSLV-F05 is special

18 мес. назад

ISRO will launch its tenth GSLV today at 4:10 PM. What's all the more special about it? It will happen with the aid of a cryogenic engine that's completely ...

The Hindu on Sunday presents #SundayIsForReading

10 мес. назад

The Hindu on Sunday now with more to read because #SundayIsForReading.

Malady Nation: The resistance of the superbugs

19 мес. назад

What happens when there is unregulated and rampant misuse of antibiotics? It's the perfect combination to creating a superbug -- an antibiotic-resistant microbe ...

Bharatanatyam in Beijing

62 мес. назад

What do Jin Shanshan, Zhang Jun, mudras and nattuvangam have in common? Leela Samson. China's Jin is the disciple of the Bharatanatyam danseuse and ...

A towering delicacy | The Kancheepuram Idli

20 мес. назад

The Koil Idli hails from the temple town of Kancheepuram and is a delicacy among travellers. Easy to carry, easy on the eye, and easy on the stomach.

25 years of Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman | Kaatru Veliyidai

12 мес. назад

Few creative collaborations in Indian cinema have lasted as long as the duo of Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman. There's been no turning back since they first ...

Chitrakote Falls: India's Niagara

18 мес. назад

In the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh, exists one of India's spectacular natural wonders: the Chitrakote Falls. The waterfall is at its resplendent best during the ...

Tête-à-Tête with Music director Anirudh

8 мес. назад

Music Director Anirudh gets candid about his music for 'Vivegam' and how music production is his passion.

Delhi experiences worst smog in 17 years

16 мес. назад

Traffic exhaust is only a part of Delhi's pollution problem. Crop burning in neighbouring states contribute majorly to the smog Delhi is currently facing.

Margazhi Conversation: Jayanthi Kumaresh

63 мес. назад

A vocal concert owes its fullness to instruments. For those who want to lose themselves in the art, rather than be transported by the lyrics, there is instrumental ...