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BBC News

Guy Goma: 'Greatest' case of mistaken identity on live TV ever? BBC News

29 мес. назад

It's 10 years since Guy Goma became a celebrity after he was mistaken for an internet expert and interviewed on BBC News TV. The unemployed computer ...

Koreas: A day of historic talks - BBC News

6 мес. назад

The leaders of North and South Korea have agreed to work to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons after holding a historic summit. The announcement was ...

Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written - BBC News

48 мес. назад

Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews Stairway to Heaven was one of the biggest rock songs of the 1970s - loved, imitated and sometimes ...

World's 'poorest president' Uruguay's Jose Mujica & his $1m VW

47 мес. назад

Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Uruguay's President Jose Mujica says he has been ...

Why is Africa building a Great Green Wall? BBC News

13 мес. назад

Eleven countries are planting a wall of trees from east to west across Africa, just under the southern edge of the Sahara desert. The goal is to fight the effects of ...

Meet the real-life Three Billboards mother - BBC News

8 мес. назад

Marianne Asher-Chapman is the real life version of Frances McDormand's character in the Oscar-nominated film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Hawking 'transformed our view of the universe' - BBC News

7 мес. назад

Visionary physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has died, aged 76. Nick Higham looks back at his life. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog.

Brian Cox explains quantum mechanics in 60 seconds - BBC News

49 мес. назад

Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews British physicist Brian Cox is challenged by the presenter of Radio 4's 'Life Scientific', Jim Al-Khalili, ...

'My life as a modern day slave' - BBC News

10 мес. назад

An estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery last year. Mitos lived as a slave for three years. But a few months ago she escaped... Please ...

New York's abandoned island - BBC News

53 мес. назад

Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews It's one of New York 's best kept secrets. Lying in plain sight of the city is an island which no one has ...

US students head to Germany for free degrees - BBC News

41 мес. назад

While the cost of college education in the US has reached record highs, Germany has abandoned tuition fees altogether for German and international students ...

What is net neutrality and how could it affect you? - BBC News

10 мес. назад

This week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will decide on whether to repeal an Obama-era law that protects "net neutrality". It refers to the ...

Jugaad Man: The Non-stop inventor - BBC News

11 мес. назад

Uddhab Bharali cannot stop inventing things. He has created over 140 devices to help improve the lives of people. From agricultural machines that helps ...

Moment judge recognised school friend in dock - BBC News

40 мес. назад

Watch the amazing moment when two school friends, a judge and a man suspected of burglary, were 'reunited' briefly during a court hearing in Miami, US.

Anthony Wong: Hong Kong actor finds brothers after BBC report - BBC News

7 мес. назад

Famed Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong had no contact with his British father, barring a few sporadic letters, since he was a child. But a recent BBC report on ...

Toy car that can reach 70mph (110km/h)..oh and it's roadworthy- BBC News

56 мес. назад

Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews A roadworthy version of a children's toy car has been built. John Bitmead constructed an adult-sized copy ...

Step inside the Large Hadron Collider (360 video) - BBC News

31 мес. назад

A 360 tour of CERN that takes you deep inside the Large Hadron Collider – the world's greatest physics experiment - with BBC Click's Spencer Kelly. Watch the ...

Harry Potter: Sir Ian McKellen reveals why he turned down Dumbledore role - BBC News

19 мес. назад

Sir Ian McKellen has said he could never have taken on the role of Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films after the death of Richard Harris because he ...

Terracotta Army: The greatest archaeological find of the 20th century - BBC News

18 мес. назад

In March 1974, Chinese farmers digging a well unearthed the greatest archaeological find of the century - the buried Terracotta Army. After coming across a ...

“I toppled Saddam’s statue – now I want him back" BBC News

28 мес. назад

This week sees the release of the long-awaited Chilcot enquiry into the Iraq war. Ahead of its publication, our Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen has returned to ...

'I teach computing with no computers' - BBC News

7 мес. назад

A teacher from Ghana, who went viral after pictures of his chalkboard-computer alternative were shared on social media, has said he never meant to become an ...